Viscose fiber flame retardant (emulsion)

Viscose fiber flame retardant (emulsion)

Synthesis of 2.2 -- Dioxa -- (5.5 -- dimethy1 -- 1.3.2 -- dioxaphosphorinane) -- 2.2 -- disulfide

2.2 -- disulphide (NLD -- 02) is a new type of organophosphorus halogen-free flame retardant, which has the dual effects of plasticizing and flame retardant, and can effectively avoid the toxic gas and corrosion caused by halogen flame retardants, which is in line with the development trend of flame retardants. It can be used as flame retardant of viscose fiber and has spinnability. Used for long and short silk, adding permanent washable before drawing.

2. Physical and chemical properties of the product

Products: the NLD - 02

Chemical name: 2.2 -- dioxy [5.5 -- dimethyl -- 1.3.2 -- dioxy phosphorus heterocyclic compounds] 2.2 -- disulfide

CAS -- no. : 4090-51-1

Molecular formula: C10H20O5P2S2

Molecular weight: 346.33

Physicochemical properties: white solid. The melting point of pure product is 228-229 ℃, and the accumulation density is ≥550kg/m3. Thermal decomposition occurs above 180℃.

Toxicity data: acute LD50 > 5000mg/kg in rats, acute LD50 > 5000mg/kg in skin, no irritation and sensitization to skin and eyes. Toxicity of fish: LC50 > 100mg/l(96h, zebrafish); Daphnia toxicity: EC50 > 100mg/l (48h, daphnia fleas); Algal toxicity: LC60 > 100mg/l (72h, freshwater algae 86.81).

3. Product quality standard (emulsion)

Project indicators

Appearance: white liquid active ingredient > 32% oil component < 0.067% pyridine < 10ppm

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